Como se Ferrar em um segundo!!!

1.) Clearly she isn't afraid of heights.

2.) Physics is tough.
4.) That's gotta hurt, and on national television.

5.) "I'm just going to jump the chairs. What could go wrong?"
6.) What's the opposite of epic?

7.) That's what you get for being a sore winner. Now you can be a sore loser. Literally.

8.) Don't tailgate, even on a bike.

9.) "Let's put the golf ball on my bag. That will keep it safe." Sure.

10.) There is so much pain in this gif.

11.) "I'm a cyclist. I don't have to obey the law."

12.) This is why you don't use the playground equipment as an adult.
13.) I think he's gonna need a drink after this.

14.) Quick and easy. Nope.

15.) Worst firefighter ever.

17.) Wow. That's a deep puddle.

19.) That's just a terrible idea.

20.) Careful now.

21.) My worst nightmare.

22.) Nothing like s set of pull-ups to get your blood pumping.

23.) How did they think this was going to end?

24.) Someone is getting fired.

25.) She deserved that.

26.) I smell a Darwin award.

27.) Some people are just too passionate to have nice things.

28.) I just hope there wasn't something gross in that container.

29.) The perks of knowing Kung Fu.

Realmente as vezes penso como essa pessoa foi a mais esperta de todos os espermatozóides...

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